About Beyondfilms

Beyond Films is a production house (Production House) based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They create web series, advertisements, and branded entertainment. Their goal is for everyone/company to know more about them and to know what they have been doing.


Goal of the Site

  1. Increase market/segmentation and a much wider relationship, domestic and foreign.
  2. Get more clients and get more relationships.
  3. Marketing by utilizing social media, in order to find out what trends are happening.


Redesign Vision

They approach duosweb to do redesign for their existing site. It was one-page website, with pretty simple sections about their company. In this redesign, our goal is to make the website has a “film” feel and looks more modern. Also, we will make the navigation easier for the user to find what they need.



Clean, Elegance, Casual, Professional



This is the final sitemap




This is the wireframe that we use to confirm the structure and the layout of the pages to the client.







All pages

all pages


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Jala is an iOT startup in Yogyakarta, Indonesia who provides solutions to help farmers understand the farm condition better in real-time way for a preventive actions towards the risk of farming. With IoT and machine learning technology, JALA help farmers to maximize the farm efficiency. Currently they have 2 products, the device that can detect water condition and a web app that integrated to the device so the farm owner can see their farms condition and eventually will have better plan to get successful harvest.


The Project

We are friend with the CEO because Kukuh also help designing their mobile apps in the past. So we can say that it’s a smooth and great project. Kukuh did the design. We use figma for the design so they can provide feedback quickly. We create sitemaps, wireframes, and then final mockup. We got some very valuable feedback from them that makes this site is actually better. And then Ervan did the development, using Elementor Pro and creating custom template, matching the design. We hope that this startup can be even bigger with their brand new site. Good luck!

Couvee is a rising coffee brand in Indonesia. It’s modern, young, and always innovating new tastes for their loyal customers. In 2017 they open their first store in Yogyakarta, and now in 2019 they’ve been expanded to 4 stores in Yogyakarta and 1 store in Jakarta. The customer mostly are millenials, who enjoys to get a quick and tasteful coffee that they can bring anywhere.

The Project

We got the project directly from of the Owner, Agung Triatmaja. In the first week of the design phase,our designer Kukuh still has limited idea of how the looks and feel about the website will be. And then he visited one of the Couvee’s store in Yogyakarta, and he got some unique elements that then he used for the design element in the website.


After did the research above, the design phase went smoothly. Then we had a meeting to finalize the design and the content. Final step is development by our programmer Ervan. And there it is, a beautiful  website for Couvee.


Amboja Farm is one of the child company of Indmira, is a producer of fresh vegetables and fish with high nutritional content and beneficial to the body. For almost 6 years they are committed to maintaining the quality of the food we produce using the latest agricultural technology. They provide fresh vegetables and fish for individual and companies like hospitals and hotels.


The Project

The purpose of the site is for online company profile for Amboja, to inform people and their client about their company and theur products. We created a custom web desisng from scratch for this project. And then we developed it using WordPress and Elementor Pro page builder. It was a smooth project since the clients are very cooperative.

Great Ambarrukmo Vertical Run

GAVR is one of the biggest annual running event in Yogyakarta. They provide 3 categories, 5K , 10K, and Kids Run.


The Project

The main goal of the site is for online registration of the event. The flow of the registration :


We also create check-in system for the participants at the day of the event, using barcodes on their ticket.
The other goal is to inform the participants about the event itself.

Duosweb is a web development service based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Duosweb adalah jasa pembuatan website yang terpercaya di kota Yogyakarta / Jogja


Peloton is a unique cafe based in Yogyakarta Indonesia. They combine 2 things, coffee and bike shop. The idea is they want to provide a meetup place for who loves bicycle. The customer can shop bike accessories, bike fitting, even bike maintenance, while enjoy the coffee.


The Project

The goal of the site is just to inform what they offer in their cafe. They need to inform to customer because there is no cafe like this before in Yogyakarta.

Duosweb is a web development service based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Duosweb adalah jasa pembuatan website yang terpercaya di kota Yogyakarta / Jogja

About Tour de Ambarrukmo 2019

Tour de Ambarrukmo is one of the biggest annual bike event in Yogyakarta. They will guarantee the participants will feel the competition while enjoying the beauty of Yogyakarta’s nature. The participants come from many different cities around Indonesia.

The Project

The goal of this website is to inform the participants about all things about the event. The challenge for us is to simplify the registration flow from their site last year, because they feel the flow was too long and too confusing.

So this was their registration flow last year:

And we managed to shrink down the flow become this simple:

Besides the registration flow, we also create check-in system for the participants to enter the event itself, using ticket that they will get from the registration.


Duosweb is a web development service based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Duosweb adalah jasa pembuatan website yang terpercaya di kota Yogyakarta / Jogja

About Balcony

Balcony is one of luxury restaurants in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They’ve just reopen their restaurant this December, and they renew everything. From branding, logo, interior, all the menus, everything, including this site that they gave the project to us. It’s located in the most crowded mall in Yogyakarta, Ambarukmo Plaza Mall.


The Project

As we’ve mentioned above, this site is part of their reopening. They want the site reflects their new interior. We put the exact floor motive at the design to give the same vibe as the actual restaurant. The goal of the site is just as restaurant showcase, telling their story, inform the customer about their new menus, and other small details about the restaurant. We’re really happy got this project because we’ve been passing this restaurant every time we go to the mall, but we’ve never going to restaurant itself because of the luxuriness, and yet we can build the site for them!

About Waleta

Waleta is a company who produce Swallow birds nest, own bird nest in Kalimantan, Indoneisa and process them it’s own sophisticated factory in Salatiga, Indonesia.


The Project

They want the site as their online company profile, so their customer can see their story, their product, and the sertificates that they’ve own. It’s a one page website, focus on mobile view.


About Iconic

Iconic is one of the most unique cafe in Jogja. Because it has 3 very interesting concepts. Gelato & Bistro, Toys Gallery & ICONIC Station where every room has a different interior. ICONIC Gelato & Bistro is a great choice for everyone. Good atmosphere and friendly service from our staff. You can have dinner with your family while watching really big collection of action figures from comics and movies. It is really interesting bistro.


The Project

The owner of the place wanted the website can show the uniqueness of their concept and also draw visitor to do the reservation via this site. Another goal of this site is to let visitors know if there are any disounts, and also visitors can see the whole menu and prices right from this site.