About Life Skills Initiative

Life Skills Initiative provides extremely high-quality online educational content with the sole purpose of enhancing young adult lives. At LSI, they teach and mentor their students in personal finance, stock market investing, home and auto property ownership, insurance, and entrepreneurship. 


The Project

Joshua the owner of LifeSkillsInitiative contacted us because of his friend’s recommendation, which is our previous client. He wanted a blog about educational content to young people. These are the project details:

Target audience : 18-25yrs old

Pages :

  1. Homepage
  2. Blog archive
  3. Blog single
  4. Contact Page
  5. About page
  6. Service page

Features :

  1. Email subscription
  2. Selling courses


This is pretty simple and quick project, and Joshua was very helpful along the project.

The Project 

This is a microsite of www.sbvendo.com . And this microsite has only 1 goal, referring a dentist to a patient. So the doctor will fill the referral form, filling the patient name, the referred doctor, etc. And then the filled form can be printed immediately and also can be submited online to the admin dashboard, so the admin (the doctor) can see all the data of the patients. After submitting  the form online, there’s a ‘Thank you’ page, where the doctor can upload additional images (X-ray images) of the patient. These images also automatically uploaded to the admin dashboard, so the admin can see it anytime.


About Interstate Autoshipping

Interstate Autoshipping is an autoshipping company in USA. They ship cars across cities, just set your pickup location and the delivery location and they will ship it professionally.  They give unique service so the customer will enjoy using their service.


The Project

This is a simple one page website. The goal of the site is get the users to fill the quote form. The form is the first thing you’ll see when you visit the site so it will be very easy for user to find it. And if user want to know more about the company, they can scroll down to read more about it.

Top Level Bartending

Top Level Bartending is premium and luxury mobile bartending services for private events, weddings, and company parties with a focus on craft cocktails and fine spirits.


The Project

Anthony wanted a dark theme design for this new site, because when it’s combined with their gold logo it would show elegance and looks luxuious. There are 6 main pages in total which is Homepage, Service, About, Gallery, Blog, and Contact. The main goal of the site is to attract potential clients and to show exciting moments/events that they served. We finished the project within +-1month, 2 weeks on design phase and 2 weeks on development phase.


About Movetime

Movetime is a video production agency based in USA. They do video production for outdoor activities, mostly fishing and hunting. They wanted a company profile site where they can post their latest projects, also want to inform their customer about the their team.


About The Project

A little backstory how we got this project. Our designer Kukuh entered a web design contest on 99designs, and he won. You can see the contest here contest link. Then he offered the contest holder to build the site from the design that he won, and the client holder agreed. So we build this site from scratch. Kukuh did the design, he convert it into HTML, and then our programmer Ervan create the wordpress thme from it.