Balcony Jogja

About Balcony

Balcony is one of luxury restaurants in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They’ve just reopen their restaurant this December, and they renew everything. From branding, logo, interior, all the menus, everything, including this site that they gave the project to us. It’s located in the most crowded mall in Yogyakarta, Ambarukmo Plaza Mall.


The Project

As we’ve mentioned above, this site is part of their reopening. They want the site reflects their new interior. We put the exact floor motive at the design to give the same vibe as the actual restaurant. The goal of the site is just as restaurant showcase, telling their story, inform the customer about their new menus, and other small details about the restaurant. We’re really happy got this project because we’ve been passing this restaurant every time we go to the mall, but we’ve never going to restaurant itself because of the luxuriness, and yet we can build the site for them!

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