About Beyondfilms

Beyond Films is a production house (Production House) based in Jakarta, Indonesia. They create web series, advertisements, and branded entertainment. Their goal is for everyone/company to know more about them and to know what they have been doing.


Goal of the Site

  1. Increase market/segmentation and a much wider relationship, domestic and foreign.
  2. Get more clients and get more relationships.
  3. Marketing by utilizing social media, in order to find out what trends are happening.


Redesign Vision

They approach duosweb to do redesign for their existing site. It was one-page website, with pretty simple sections about their company. In this redesign, our goal is to make the website has a “film” feel and looks more modern. Also, we will make the navigation easier for the user to find what they need.



Clean, Elegance, Casual, Professional



This is the final sitemap




This is the wireframe that we use to confirm the structure and the layout of the pages to the client.







All pages

all pages


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